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An end-to-end solution that allows water management companies to face  digital transformation in all company processes.

Discover the use cases

This comprehensive solution for the water cycle allows:

  • Remote reading, control and monitoring of smart meters.
  • Remotely operation of water supply infrastructure and distribution networks.
  • Optimize field work carried out by operators.
  • Guarantee the correct water supply avoiding service problems.
  • Improve commercial management and customer relationships.
  • Guarantee security against attacks on deployed assets.

Discover the Benefits

  • Guarantee the safety of your employees and customers by reducing personnel in the field.
  • Detect leaks in the network and control unauthorized consumption.
  • Optimize work routes.
  • Adjust water production using demand forecasting models.
  • Learn about new consumption patterns and adapt the offer to guarantee supply and avoid the collapse of the network.
  • Make a correct billing avoiding manual systems or estimating consumption.
  • Detect low consumption in risk groups in order to alert social services.

Applicable sectors ​

This comprehensive solution for intelligent remote reading and centralised management of the water cycle, which is flexible, scalable and secure, enables companies in the utilities sector, specifically water management companies, to meet the challenge of digital transformation.


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