IoT Threat Detection

Protection of the IoT ecosystem through the profiling of the behaviour of IoT devices to detect anomalies in traffic from and to them (agentless solution). Detection techniques include automatic learning, heuristics and signatures, together with the specific intelligence of IoT extracted from a mature honeypot of IoT & ICS

Explore Main Functionalities

  • Visibility of the behaviour of the IoT devices.
  • Threat detection in the IoT ecosystem with an agentless solution, based on both CDR and network traffic, that allows protection from layer 3 to 7.
  • The detection system includes intelligence extracted from an IoT & ICS specific honeypot distributed worldwide.

Discover the Benefits

  • Mitigation of risks affecting the IoT ecosystem.
  • Cost reduction. Devices can consume traffic due to malicious actions.
  • Incident cost reduction.
  • Reputation protection.