This 12 Telefónica SOCs network around the world groups specialised security analysts with state-of-the-art data collecting and monitoring tools to deliver full security solutions and address security compliance requirements. Each center can operate in all IoT Security specific services

Explore Main Functionalities

  • On-site or remote 24/7 assistance and research by multidisciplinary expert teams.
  • Detailed guidance throughout the life cycle of the incident and preventive recommendations.
  • Permanent follow-up notifications and evaluation reports of the investigation process.
  • SOCs network uses cutting-edge common technologies and platforms, as well as intelligence sources and feeds, thanks to ElevenPaths.

Discover the Benefits

  • Global SOC network covers different regions and time zones and gives full visibility of the context of the threats in each region.
  • Improvement and acceleration of triage and context alerts, and automated response to incidents.
  • Common processes and procedures standardised for all activities involved throughout the entire life cycle of an incident.