08 Jun 2021

Advanced Factories 2021

This year will see the 5th edition of Advanced Factories, an annual summit on industrial innovation. Advanced Factories is an in-person fair where the latest innovations in the industrial sector are brought together, new business models are presented during the schedule of presentations and the most cutting-edge technological trends in Advanced Industry are positioned. Telefónica IoT & Big Data Tech will be there with our solid experience in the industrial sector.

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26 May 2021

GOOD TECH TIMES - The keys to Big Data in the Financial Sector

The financial sector was pioneer in introducing technologies such as Big Data and AI in its business. Banking industry is essential for the reconstruction of the economy, using technology to consolidate the data economy in our country and accelerating all the projects that they had already identified in their digital transformation strategy. From Telefónica Tech we will talk about results are the great challenges and driving levers that are accelerating the transition.

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20 May 2021

LinkedIn Live - Towards a more sustainable and smart Agriculture: Vertical Farming

Agriculture 4.0 is synonymous with efficient agricultural exploitation coexisting sensorization, connectivity, data analysis and traceability, but also changing the way we physically cultivate. Within Smart Agro at Telefónica Tech, we incorporate Vertical Green solutions for high-density vertical crops based on RHPA aeroponics technology, allowing a new dimension of digitally controlled indoor crops with remote access. Do not miss on May 20 at 4:00 p.m. (CET) this LinkedIn Live in which we will talk with industry experts (Onubafruit, ASAJA, Vertical Green and Telefonica Tech) about agriculture 4.0, efficient farming, sensorization, connectivity, data analysis and traceability.

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29 Apr 2021

LinkedIn Live - The two faces of Blockchain: additional safeguards and new business models

The majority of Blockchain use cases in production today are related to distribution and supply chain in large enterprises. However, there are much simpler ways to incorporate Blockchain to provide assurance over the information that underpins the business models of small, not always technology-driven companies. In this Live, we will talk with responsibles of Blockchain implementation in different companies that want to revolutionise the world by using IoT and Blockchain.

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