22 Sep 2020

Telefónica converts La Torre Outlet Zaragoza into the most digitalised shopping complex in Spain

On the 22nd of October, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza will open its doors to the public, being the first fully digitalised shopping complex in Spain. There will be a pre-inaugural "Digital Switch On" event where the technological scope of its facilities will be unveiled in a virtual space environment. Telefónica has been a strategic partner in the project, taking charge of integrating the network, communications and WiFi infrastructure capacities with its IoT, Big Data and AI solutions.

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09 Sep 2020

Telefónica, Ferrovial Servicios and Tellink digitalize public lighting

Telefónica, Ferrovial Servicios and Tellink Sistemas de Comunicación are deploying a point-to-point remote management solution based on NB-IoT. This allows the management of the consumption of all the lighting from a single control point, improving energy efficiency and optimising the management and maintenance of the installations. This deployment has been carried out after 3 pilot projects in Guadalajara (Castilla La Mancha), Alcobendas and Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

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28 Aug 2020

Telefónica displays the technology that connects objects to the Internet in Alcoi

Telefónica has implemented the NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) network in Alcoi, Alicante, which provides connectivity to everyday objects. The NB-IoT network is designed to connect objects with low data transmission but which require wide coverage. By installing sensors, information is collected, and then analysed and used to support decision making and optimise service provision.

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27 Jul 2020

Telefónica promotes the reactivation of the post covid activity with IoT and Big Data solutions

From the IoT & Big Data unit of Telefónica Tech we have incorporated solutions with which we want to help companies to reactivate their activity by facing the consequences caused by the COVID19. These solutions guarantee the adaptation of public spaces to the health and safety measures, and help to understand new consumption patterns or mobility in the New Normality. Retail Recovery, Covid Compliance, Big Data & IA Assessment or Customer Discovery are some of these solutions.

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