Telefónica forms a partnership with the Japanese company NTT Docomo to provide in Brazil a global Internet of Things service

10 Nov 2015
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It is a cooperation agreement, by means of the M2M World Alliance, with the Japanese operator NTT Docomo , a leading company in integrated mobile services and the first in the world in 4G technology, with more than 60 million mobile customers.
At the centre of this partnership lies the Vivo M2M Control Center  platform for global customers. The solution, provided by Jasper, a global leader in Internet of Things platforms, allows the customer to launch and manage its business and make it profitable on any market in a simple manner. 
The partnership with NTT Docomo already envisages a pilot project next year with a Japanese company operating in Brazil. The solution will enable the customer to perform remote monitoring of the performance of its devices, as well as their preventive maintenance. Thus, this company's devices, produced in Japan, reach Brazil with a NTT Docomo SIM card number and automatically receive a Brazilian number. This operation is known in the world of telecommunications as Remote Provisionable SIM.
Global solution
Telefónica Vivo, which has the widest 3G and 4G coverage in Brazil, is the first operator in the country to have performed a number swap with the SIM card of another operator. The solution can be used by companies in any sector to manage connectivity and to perform diagnoses and flexible invoicing, necessary requirements for ensuring customers' success in M2M business. 
The global SIM of Telefónica, and now that of NTT Docomo, therefore allow the automatic and transparent migration of the number of the source operator to a Brazilian Vivo number for the customer, in accordance with Brazilian regulations. 
By means of the M2M World Alliance, the operators which form part of this group use the SIM card of their own operator, with a global profile, to provide the communication of data, voice and SMS to their customers who need to use the solution anywhere in the world.
The solution has been implemented by the Telefónica Group by means of the M2M World Alliance, in a partnership which already comprises eight other operators from around the world. The features of the global SIM make the Vivo M2M Control Center platform a particularly suitable solution for multinational companies operating in Brazil.
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