Telefónica I+D unveils new smart buttons with SEUR and Cabify

23 Jun 2015
  • Retail
  • Telefónica I+D, a market pioneer in the development of smart buttons, has based the buttons on Thinking Things Open, a platform that allows connected objects to be quickly created and complete ecosystems to be deployed in very little time.
  • The buttons introduce the click&go concept meaning the user only has to press the button once to get the service.
  • SEUR is introducing OneClick - an automatic button which, when pressed, will activate a collection delivery service.
  • Cabify offers a button to request a vehicle and print the receipt with the name and number of the driver on it.
Madrid, 23 June 2015 –Telefónica I+D (R&D) has today introduced its latest Internet of Things (IoT) innovation, new smart buttons. These buttons, aimed at enterprise customers who can then give them to their customers, have been developed in association with international shipping company, SEUR, and online private driver service, Cabify. They will significantly improve product acquisition, service access and the support of business clients from various sectors such as transport, logistics and retail. Telefónica’s smart buttons introduce the click&go concept powered by Thinking Things Open, a platform that allows the creation of connected objects quickly and the deployment of entire ecosystems in a very short time. This means that with a single click of a button a specified action is triggered immediately – this could be everything from ordering a taxi to a pizza.
Telefónica I+D is a global pioneer in creating smart buttons which are entirely developed by the Spanish company. SEUR and Cabify are the first examples of these smart buttons in full use. In the case of SEUR, their OneClick solution will enable automatic collection requests with just a click, streamlining the process by automatically generating a package collection order. This will be available for business clients, both large and small, that use standard services and frequent collection requests. A pilot of this service, available on the website, will launch in Madrid from
September and will likely be expanded throughout the rest of Spain in due course.
Similarly, Cabify will see the process for ordering a taxi greatly simplified. By pressing the Cabify button customers can choose the type of vehicle they want, print a receipt with the name and phone number of the driver and receive details of the car and driver assigned to collect them.
Telefónica’s smart buttons are 100% independent and do not need a smartphone or PC to operate, due to their integrated SIM. This greatly simplifies the use as people do not need to configure the device in order to connect to a WiFi network or a device, they just work. Moreover, the buttons work anywhere in the world with a global SIM, which simplifies the process of deploying these devices in large multinationals and international companies. As testament to this, Cabify intends to offer its button service to the other countries in which it operates, including Mexico, Peru and Chile.
Telefónica I+D completed its first pilot project of its smart buttons with Telepizza when the company launched Click&Pizza in November last year. This gave Telepizza customers the ability to order their favourite pizza at the push of a button. Telefónica also recently
announced an IoT collaboration with Samsung in this area.
Moving forward, Telefónica I+D will offer a white-label button based on their open IoT platform. This will allow a variety of enterprises to simply configure and customise the button to create experiences that meet the specific needs of all types of businesses and