Telefónica is ranked as a Leader by GlobalData's in its Global Industrial IoT Services report.

28 Jul 2021
  • IoT general

Madrid, 28 July 2021.

GlobalData, one of the world's leading analyst firms, has raised Telefónica to Leader in the latest update of its global report on the competitive landscape for IoT services. This is a clear improvement from the "Very Strong" position we held in their previous studies.

Our strengths include:

- Our industry expertise, where we manage more than 35 million IoT connections for very high-profile global customers.

- Our AI of Things vision: The union of the capabilities and platforms we had for IoT and Big Data/AI is considered unique because we can offer a real e2e solution with more value for our customers and their businesses.

- And finally our proposition for Industry 4.0: In addition to the capabilities that were already recognized in previous years (e.g. our LTE and 5G Private Networks solutions), this year we have also extended our offering with specialist partners in this area, being able to offer not only connectivity but also more advanced and valuable use cases.

You can read the full report here.