Telefónica presents its solutions for companies and individuals at the international Internet of Things event

25 Oct 2016
  • IoT general
  • The business initiatives are grouped into Smart Mobility, Smart Retail, Smart Energy and Smart Connectivity.
  • The Personal IoT applications are presented by means of wearables, together with a connected racket.
  • A drone with IoT and the connected motorbike used at the Telefónica Yamaha Global Rider will also be on display.
  • Telefónica is a finalist in two of the categories of the awards organized by the Congress: Fleet Management and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Madrid, 25 October 2016.- Telefónica presents at the World Internet of Things (IoT) Congress (Fira de Barcelona, ​​25-27 October) its latest IoT solutions for both companies and individuals with Personal IoT aimed at consolidating the digital transformation of the different areas of activity.

As Vicente Muñoz, head of the Global IoT Unit at Telefónica, emphasizes, “IoT is a revolution. Its possibilities are endless. Telefónica IoT’s vision puts people on centre stage, because the aim is to connect people with the things they care about. Telefónica IoT already has many real cases of digital transformation at companies which are changing the experiences of their end customers in their daily activity. Personal IoT addresses the possibilities and advantages of the sensorization of the things we wear and those around us. At IoT we give voice to things and, whether it be a wearable bracelet on our wrist, a connected car or a sensorized boiler, they have a great deal to say about how we live and how to make our lives better.”

Specifically, in the business sector, Telefónica presents its value proposition to recreate the real environment of a business, showing how IoT solutions can contribute to better and more competitive business management, as well as a transformation of the experience of its customers, something the end user is already demanding. In this sense, the stand has four areas, grouping together the different initiatives aimed at commercial companies: Smart Mobility, with IoT solutions for fleet management, goods tracking and the management of labour mobility, Smart Retail, with examples of the application of IoT in shops as virtual labels and fitting rooms, Smart Connectivity, which presents solutions for the management of connectivity and devices, with the use case of a connected fridge, and Smart Energy  which shows the potential use of IoT for the intelligent management of lighting and water.  

In addition, Telefónica will demonstrate the possibilities offered by Personal IoT and the benefits for the user, the most human part of IoT, beyond things. In this area visitors will be able to learn how connected wearables enable us to monitor physical exercise and health, together with a connected racket which performs comprehensive monitoring of training sessions, opening up a whole unprecedented range of possibilities.

Similarly, Telefónica showcases a drone equipped with IoT, which is already being used in the management of infrastructures and agriculture, as well as the Telefónica Yamaha Global Rider motorbike, equipped with telemetry solutions, an intelligent glove for measuring the health data of the rider and more than 10 sensors, together with other equipment. This bike was used in the Global Rider experience, a trip around the world lasting 80 days which enabled us to observe the benefits of being connected, as well as the potential of big data in the analysis and recording of all the data generated.

The presence of Telefónica is completed with its participation in three presentations, How vehicle telematics will transform your business (José Manuel Carames/Edward Kulperger, 26/10. 5:45 pm); Connected vehicles: Opportunities & challenges. What will the future look like? (José Manuel Caramés, 27/10. 10:00 am) and The Future of IoT: living, moving and interacting scenarios (Bernardo Campillo, 27/10. 5:00 pm) and the presentation of nominations for the IoT awards organized by the Congress in several categories. Telefónica is a finalist in two of them: Fleet Management and Remote Patient Monitoring.