PRESS RELEASE: Telefónica Tech and Alastria launch a blockchain network based on Hyperledger Fabric for productive applications

05 Feb 2021
  • IoT general

Telefónica Tech, Telefónica's unit that encompasses the digital businesses of Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT & Big Data & Blockchain; and Alastria, one of the largest public-licensed Blockchain consortiums in the world, have signed a collaboration agreement through which the more than 500 members of the association will have access to an infrastructure based on Hyperledger Fabric technology with two different environments. One of them will be shared, open and free of charge for members and is designed for the deployment of proofs of concept or production projects without demanding requirements; while the other is a closed platform with a cost for those members interested in having certain levels of service and personalised and guaranteed response times.

This agreement is part of Alastria's mission to promote the development of Blockchain networks by partners wishing to provide and use DLT services, thus fostering knowledge of these distributed log technologies and promoting their use in companies, public administrations and other social agents. As a technology-agnostic association, Alastria supports the research and development of different ways of implementing Blockchain by its members, with the aim of promoting the adoption of decentralised technologies in all economic sectors.

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