Telefonica empowers Akyumen with leading global solutions

21 Jul 2016
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Madrid, San Francisco, July 21st 2016- Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, has signed a global multi-year agreement with Akyumen Technologies Corp, based in Los Gatos, CA, that builds communication devices with a content platform that brings futuristic IoT and m2m solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Telefonica is providing Akyumen with its renowned IoT services and solutions, including Telefonica’s Global SIM service, a single platform for the provisioning and management of all global SIMs. Smart m2m connectivity services provided by the Telefonica Global SIM, guarantees that roaming works seamlessly with IoT sensors and devices, regardless of the location, around the globe and secures the data channel allowing for safe encrypted connections.

Akyumen’s global business plan is based on a single management platform, performing all the centralized provisioning, along with SIM lifecycle management functions. Combined with flexible, granular rate plans and local market knowledge, Telefonica perfectly suited all these requests. Furthermore, the digital telco, which counts with global and local leadership in the IoT, will offer a Global Service Management solution using a single point of contact. Additionally, Telefonica will support the communications model that best fit the services needs within different networks around the world.

“I have seen first-hand the innovative and useful technology that Akyumen brings to market starting with the futuristic phones (with a built-in projector) and tablets. This is the kind of innovation that Telefonica is focused on providing its customers worldwide. Akyumen’s products will utilize Telefonica’s IoT services including Global SIM service” said Daniel Jimenez, American Corporates & Multinationals Director of Telefonica Business Solutions.

“Telefonica is the most diverse and innovative international telecom carrier which provides Akyumen access to its customers worldwide to use Akyumen’s futuristic mobile devices with built-in projector technology combined with its application platform that enable the next digital frontier” said Aasim Saied, CEO of Akyumen.

A leading provider of futuristic mobile and communications devices, Akyumen unveiled its Falcon Projector Tablet and Holofone Projector Phablet that run on Windows 10 Operating System and Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone that runs on Android earlier this year at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, MWC 2016 in Barcelona and Shanghai, which is an ideal IoT gateway. The application of the Akyumen devices is not only for entertainment and business users, but also will extend to the future healthcare and environmental platforms using m2m technologies on a worldwide basis. The Akyumen devices can also be used in a broader platform for collaboration, education, and futuristic gaming using sensors.

“Telefonica Business Solutions will help bring the future of m2m technologies in environmental, health, medical, and entertainment to customers worldwide” said Mike Ghodoosian, Akyumen SVP of Carrier Relations.

About Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen)

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen) is a privately held US company and operates globally. Akyumen designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative electronic and mobile technology products to consumers worldwide. The company values the social responsibility of providing open access to tools and information to enhance the human experience globally. Akyumen is launching its devices in niche markets globally.



About Telefonica Business Solutions

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