Telefonica to provide m2m services to GrDF’s smart gas meter project

07 Jul 2015
  • Energy
Madrid, 7 July 2015 - The new French and European smart meters implementation regulations are designed to better control energy consumption. To achieve this, GrDF chose to upgrade its metering system with its new meter GAZPAR; a project worth 1 billion euros in investments.
The project will start with a pilot phase in 2015 with the aim to equip 11 million users with a smart meter by 2022. Telefonica’s Smart m2m platform provides a connectivity solution adapted to the needs of GrDF’s smart meter project while also offering new fleet management features. Ultimately, the system will connect up to 15,000 hubs throughout France and will provide mobility tools for GrDF operational teams. The remote system will then record data on a daily basis. With this independent platform provided by Telefonica consumers will benefit from full data protection.
Smart Gas Grids: bringing social, economic and environmental innovations
A first step towards better energy consumption management, GrDF’s smart gas meter project GAZPAR involves the deployment of Smart Gas Grids also called intelligent energy networks. m2m technologies allow smart meters to provide further technological information and new communications features.
Daniel Jimenez, Enterprise and Multinationals CEO, Telefonica Business Solutions: “Thanks to this key deal, as well as the agreement with the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DEEC) to deliver smart meters communications, Telefonica extends its expertise in the smart metering arena”.
Patrick Dradoise, GrDF Gas Smart Meter Program Director: “The future belongs to energy networks that communicate and which we call Smarts Gas Grids. These smart meters are the first step in more ambitious projects, such as distributed power production or the injection of biogas like biomethane into natural gas networks”.
This agreement reinforces Telefonica’s position as a provider of telecommunications services to multinationals in the French market where the telco has recently announced the creation of a joint commercial organization with Bouygues Telecom to generate new business sales both within France and internationally.