Is a global phenomenon, but it is not a global market. Differences in regulation, resources, terrain, industry structure and even particular utility characteristics, drive significant differences in Smart Utilities strategies.

We tackle this multiple scenarios environment by offering modular and flexible solutions to fulfil Smart Utilities’ requirements and specifications (both local and global) leveraging our global assets in communications, network management and industry know-how and partnering with top-industry players to shorten time-to-market and bring clients closer.

Our proposal for Smart Utilities is based on our own experience analysing the nature and scope of each project and adapting each solution to meet the complex requirements through a special project approach.

We offer solutions that range from managed connectivity to end–to-end solutions, covering the different scopes that can be found in Smart Utilities projects.

To approach Metering and Grid projects, we leverage our worldwide assets, local and global know-how, client relationships and partnerships with leading industry players.


our assets and capabilities iconour assets & capabilities

  • bullet Communication infrastructures and resources
  • bullet Managed Connectivity: cellular and fixed network
  • bullet Network Operation and management software
  • bullet Network Operation Centers
  • bullet Data Centers and Cloud Services

partnership network iconpartnership network

  • bullet Partnerships with global and local leading industry players
  • bullet With proven experience and client confidence
  • bullet To complete our assets and capabilities in:
    • bullet Hardware
    • bullet Software
    • bullet System Integration
    • bullet Installation & Maintenance

benefits iconbenefits

Smart Utilities Benefits

Operation and cost efficiency


Fraud detection


Peak load management


Service improvement


Regulation compliance


Green credentials


Increased customer loyalty


Consumer Benefits

More control


Tailored tariffs


Energy savings


Pre-payment based services


Potential new value added services