Smart Retail encompasses the set of technological solutions enabling us to convert a conventional physical store into an interactive point of sale, firstly to meet the new needs of buyers brought about by the digital revolution and, secondly, to provide retailers with the necessary tools to allow them to (1) obtain detailed knowledge of their business and customers, (2) increase their sales and (3) improve their operating processes.

This transformation of physical stores is essential, due to the significant role they play as points of connection between the online and offline worlds. They represent the point of human contact with their customers and are, therefore, the space in which a brand can become distinctive by offering them the chance to enjoy unique and personalized experiences. At the same time, they should be spaces which incorporate the convenience, speed and operability to which buyers have become accustomed during online purchases.

IoT technologies, at a suitable moment of maturity, constitute the key driver of this transformation. The digitization of these spaces by means of the deployment of connected devices and remote control capacities currently allows traditional stores to acquire capabilities which have been reserved for the online world until now. This is the moment and we have the technology available.


Digital Signage (dynamic marketing)

What is it?

A solution which enables our customers to establish an innovative communication channel with their public at the point of sale by means of devices such screens, projectors and totems. With the above, our customers can promote the memory of their brand and their special offers among their own customers, as well as connecting with their target audience as a result of the great attraction the digital content generates.

What benefits does it have?

  • bulletIt improves the brand image: by modernizing the image with a state-of-the-art communication channel which enhances the personality of the brand by means of the contents.
  • bulletIt strengthens the impact of the messages: by allowing customers to publish the special offers at the moment they are needed and constantly gearing their customers’ purchases to their objectives.
  • bulletIt facilitates content management: with tools enabling them to manage their communication channel autonomously and immediately.
  • bulletIt increases income: by increasing the impact on potential customers and improving the conversion rates for visits and sales.


Digital Tags

What is it?

A dynamic digital labelling solution which allows our customers to signpost their products and special deals on small-format screens in a manner which is highly attractive for the consumer and streamlined for the employee.

What benefits does it have?

  • bulletIt increases efficiency by reducing the times to update the displays, getting rid of human errors in the labelling and eliminating the paper and printing costs of traditional labelling.
  • bulletContent integrity. This allows our customers, in an immediate and centralized manner, to update the contents of all their tags in a streamlined and dynamic way.
  • bulletInnovation in the image of the point of sale by modernizing the image of the point of sale and adapting it to the digital environment.
  • bulletIt improves the customer experience by making the point of sale different from the competition’s and offering the user a unique shopping experience.
  • bulletIt increases sales by increasing the conversion rates for in-store contents, with dynamic and innovative shop windows suited to the brand image.
  • bulletIt improves the communication of the point of sale by using the screens distributed throughout the store to establish an extra communication channel for the special offers and campaigns.


InStore Tracking

What is it?

An in-store analytics service which provides our customers with information on the demographic profiling of their final customers, as well as their behavioural patterns and in-store conversion rates.

With this solution, retailers can obtain fundamental KPIs for their businesses, such as the number of visits to their stores, the demographic profiles of their customers (age, gender, origin, etc.), the time they spend in the store, the frequency of their visits and the sales conversions.

We work closely with Telefónica’s Big Data platform to increase the sample and to improve the quality and quantity of knowledge we offer our customers (

What benefits does it have?

In-depth knowledge of their end customers and their behaviour and understanding the current conversion and performance levels and the potential for improvement enables our customers to convert their physical stores into sales channels which are as streamlined and efficient as the online channel.

  • bulletIt increases knowledge of the business and the customers: providing a comprehensive perspective of the target audience and the sales funnel.
  • bulletIt optimizes the staff management, adapting the number of employees to the number of visits expected at any given time.
  • bulletIt facilitates the preparation and training of the sales force by focusing on the profiles which convert most often.
  • bulletIt increases the sales conversion, allowing our customers to adapt their in-store product-mix to the profiles of their visitors and the conversion pattern identified.


Social Wifi

What is it?

A solution which enables our customers to offer free Wi-Fi to their final consumers at their establishments, with the possibility of interacting with them by means of communication campaigns.

The service leads to an increase in virality on social media, improving links with visitors, sharing special offers and redirecting traffic in accordance with the strategy of each customer: Facebook page, surveys, coupons, videos, the corporate website, etc.

What benefits does it have?

  • bulletIt personalizes the experience: allowing customers to decide on the method of connection to be used by their visitors, customizing the images of the captive portals, redirecting the traffic, limiting the connection time, etc.
  • bulletIt increases the influx of public and the visiting times. The attraction caused by the free Wi-Fi connection increases the number and length of the visits your business receives.
  • bulletImprove your knowledge of the end consumer: As a result of the access to Facebook and the form, the information our customers have on their public can increase: gender, age range and percentage of people who connect again.
  • bulletIt enables remote control of network parameters: Connection time, Wi-Fi network name, landing page, etc.
  • bulletIt increases sales by launching marketing campaigns (fan recruitment, app downloads, offers, deals, etc.).
  • bulletIt increases traffic on our customers’ online channels by redirecting the traffic to any URL destination from the captive portal (app downloads, other social networks, surveys, a corporate website, etc.).
  • bulletIt improves loyalty by providing a simple way of establishing direct communication with the end customers, immediately personalizing and updating the messages.


Incidental music

What is it?

A centralized incidental music system with which our customers can enjoy music 24 hours a day, without interruptions, without advertising and without having to worry about creating playlists.

Our customers can choose between more than 150 different styles and rhythms, selecting those which best suit the objectives of their brand, creating the right musical atmosphere at all times for their establishments and thereby influencing their customers’ behaviour.

What benefits does it have?

  • bulletIt simplifies the content management. Due to its great simplicity, our customers can manage their own music playback channels independently and immediately.
  • bulletIt creates a memory of the brand image. It has been shown that music remains in the sub-conscious mind, associated with certain experiences, as a result of which the music heard in a store becomes a memory of the brand.
  • bulletIt improves the shopping experience. Suitable incidental music improves the customer journey by creating the right atmosphere for increasing purchases and staying longer on the premises (depending on what is required at any given time).
  • bulletIt increases income by promoting certain products. The spotmusic service incorporates a channel with promotional voice-overs [ad spots] in order to include promotional audio messages (campaigns, reminders, special offers, etc.).

partnership network iconOUR SKILLS

Experts in the digital transformation of spaces

We apply our knowledge of digital solutions to promoting and facilitating relationships between brands and customers. We advise our customers on the best use of technology and digital products in order to improve the customer experience at the point of sale. We are experts and we want to lead the transformation of physical retail stores; to do so, we have a direct strategy.

Specialists in innovative E2E solutions

We provide end-to-end services suited to the commercial requirements and needs of our customers. Our strength lies in the combination of our engineering skills in the field of software and hardware integration and highly creative teams which understand perfectly how to integrate the physical and digital worlds.

  • bulletSoftware. We offer integral proprietary software (the main solution).
  • bulletHardware. We advise our customers on the appropriate technologies and formats, as a result of the agreements we have with the main suppliers.
  • bulletOperations. We operate and control each of the service points in real time, with one of the best digital signage tools in the world.
  • bulletDigital content. We adapt and create appropriate contents for each technology, visual format, location in the establishment and device.

benefits iconOUR ASSETS


With more than 40 years’ experience, onthespot is the Telefónica group company which specializes in the activation of the point of sale.

It currently manages and monitors more than 40,000 service points in more than 80 countries.

Footprint: It currently has offices in 6 countries: Spain (HQ), Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile

TEF Next

Under the umbrella of Telefónica Germany, NEXT GmbH develops innovative solutions for the networked data world of tomorrow, with a specific team working in the world of retail solutions.

Footprint: It currently has offices in Germany.