2015 Internet of Things World Forum

From 06 December 2015 to 08 December 2015 at Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai World Trade Centre - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai


The 2015 Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) showcases dramatic transformations now gaining momentum across every global sector, a new world of opportunities made possible by the Internet of Things.  Hosted by Cisco, the IoTWF is the premier leadership forum in this rapidly growing industry, a must-attend event for key stakeholders and innovators who are driving IoT adoption worldwide.

The IoTWF 2015 will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where technology has transformed a remote seaport into a global hub, site of the 2020 World Expo, and an important landmark in the emerging IoT landscape.

At this year's Internet of Things World Forum, the industry’s leaders in public sector, private business and education will gather again to collaborate, network, partner, and build the IoT ecosystem together.  The IoTWF is the one place where the entire IoT community can share the latest developments and emerging applications, all of which will be on display onsite at the event in Dubai.

This year’s event will:

  • Show the value and momentum of IoT through global deployments and business outcomes
  • Address the IoT security concern and highlight possibilities and success stories
  • Show progress and results in key verticals and technological areas
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