Connected Elevators solution is a specific communication module based on monitoring lift information by real-time remote control elevators versus limited traditional control with fixed lines

This solution enables remote assistance and telemetry adapted to market policies and is able to cover the full value chain from maintenance to connectivity provision.


features iconfeatures

01. Assure connectivity availability in compliance with safety regulation (EN 81-21; 72 hours check)


02. Manage all elevators installed at once from a single point of contact


03. Remote configuration and emergency telephones


04. Reports & alarms: Low network coverage, low battery, emergency voice calls, etc.


05. Ability to export all reports to Microsoft Excel format


06. Call forwarding based on different automatic schedules


07. Multitenancy, enabling service to different organisation from the same platform


08. Malfunctioning behaviours can be detected early before they generate outage


benefits iconbenefits

Reduce connectivity costs by moving from traditional fixed lines to IoT communications


Real-time monitoring and assured connectivity availability (EN 81-21 > 72 hours check)


Improve operating capabilities and efficiency to obtain real-time accurate information remotely


Improve scheduling of maintenance operations (e.g. based on real working hours) and reduce costs


Improve elevator monitoring, identifying problems and generating alarms proactively


Change Business Model to provide a full maintenance service covered by supplier


Open platform to create specific industry applications based on collected information


how it works iconhow it works