The tank telemetry service is an end-to-end solution that provides remote monitoring, asset tracking and data reporting services through a combination of hardware, sensors and software application

This solution makes your operations more efficient, which ultimately helps make your business more profitable.


features iconfeatures

01. Fully integrated GPS functionality enabling precise location identification for greater efficiency 


02. Location information is available in real-time on the Online web portal 


03. Increase Battery Life. Reducing current consumption of devices improves the overall battery life of the unit adding to its longevity in the field 


04. Firmware updates made easy. Deliver over-the-air updates to devices installed without the need for end-user involvement 


05. Full online access 24/7 virtually anywhere in the world 


benefits iconbenefits

Quick and easy installationexpand icon


Scalableexpand icon


Control real-time accurate values: capacity, temperatures


Set alarms to warn about extreme predefined valuesexpand icon


Consumption monitoring and analysisexpand icon


Cost reduction through optimisationexpand icon


Detection of machine misuse and causes of faults for warranties


Prevent unauthorised discharge/removal of stored liquids/gasses


how it works iconhow it works

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local solutions iconlocal solutions

link icon Colombia - Telemetría de Tanques

link icon Uruguay - Medición y Monitoreo inteligente