IoT Business Advisor Service consists of aggregated and crossed information from Horizontal Platforms

The IoT Business Advisor consists of aggregated information from the IoT Horizontal Platform. This aggregated information is mixed and analysed to help you make business decisions

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01. Dimensions 

All information in Business Advisor can be obtained by account, rate plan and customer level, daily and monthly.

02. Daily Update 

All information is updated 48 hours after it happened.

03. SIM Base 

This dashboard gives information about the changes in SIM status (activated and provisioned) over the time period.

04. SIM Ageing 

Gives information about how long it takes to activate the SIM cards and the time SIM cards remain in a specific state

05. SIM Usage 

Gives information about usage volume and number of used SIMs in each one of the services (voice, SMS and data) through different dimensions.

06. Usage Map 

Shows a geographic distribution of consumption in the different services (used SIMs, data, voice and SMS by country)

07. Charges 

Evolution charges and charges by SIM with different currencies through different dimensions (Account, Rate Plans)

08. SIMs using Rate Plans 

How the SIMs are distributed amongst the Rate Plan and Rate Plan Zones.

09. Sessions 

The number of sessions with a daily distribution including session durations.

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