Intelligent connectivity for efficient IoT connections

Meets the needs of any type of business by offering control and management of IoT lines and connectivity in real-time and remotely from any part of the world.

A web-based platform that provides visualisation, monitoring and control through tools that are easy to handle and integrate into your systems.

A global SIM (Global SIM-Vivo, O2, Movistar) offering worldwide connectivity since 2012 through our extensive roaming partners network. On those territories where permanent roaming is forbidden, like in Brazil, our Global SIM is transformed into a local subscription from Vivo (our local telecommunications subsidiary), providing seamless service.


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The Smart platform provides robust tools to streamline operations, accelerate time to market and optimise the profitability of IoT initiatives, with the high availability and high reliability of our communication services, which ensure connectivity at any time.

01. Web-based platform

We are able to provide the service using our proprietary platform, Smart m2m, or using one of our partners, Jasper Wireless, a privately held company that is a market leader in enabling platforms. The main functionalities are:

  • bullet Control of all the SIM cards: status, price plan, limits, privileges, etc.
  • bullet Troubleshooting tools.
  • bullet Configuration of automation rules and alerts.
  • bullet Real-time billing.
  • bullet Set of reports.
  • bullet Location based services.

This control center is available using a web interface or can be integrated into your systems using APIs.

02. Dedicated network infrastructure

Our IoT coverage sits on proprietary networks in Europe and Latam, enhanced by the widest and most competitive roaming agreements –more than 550. The network architecture is based on a dedicated IoT network with high capacity and availability, which is also flexible and secure.

03. Connectivity

Customised, redundant and dedicated Virtual Private Networks (Static IPs, Dynamic IPs, Internet IPSec, MPLS…)

04. Global and Local SIM card

The SIM is adaptable to multiple logistic and production processes, for any geography and physical conditions, in full compliance with industry standards.

05. End to End service customer

Our IoT service provides a single point of support, in local language in the country where our customers have signed the contract. Customer Support has been specifically designed to deal with critical and complex environments, to maximise the reliability and performance solution with an End to End view.

06. Dedicated teams

PMO, presales, post sales, a team of more than 250 specialists in IoT services that will guarantee the success of your IoT project.

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Easy-to-manage and reliable IoT communications to fulfil your needs and enable business evolution:

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Controlexpand icon


Simpleexpand icon


Flexibleexpand icon


Reliableexpand icon


Reduce expensesexpand icon


Smart m2m Solution We give you a complete view of your IoT communications.

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SIM Card

We have developed a range of SIM cards to meet the critical needs of the global IoT market. The portfolio includes standard plastic, industrial and soldered SIM cards. The industrial card combines a dedicated IoT SIM platform with enhanced silicon capabilities and a high temperature plastic housing to guarantee a longer lifespan and reliable performance in harsh environments. The soldered cards can be used in a surface mount machine for placement directly onto printed circuit boards for use in very harsh environments, or in solutions with space or security constraints.

Global SIMs are designed to be shipped to our customer premises around the world, pre-provisioned and ready to test or use. The portfolio also addresses critical business process needs by creating an opportunity to integrate the SIM at an early stage and localise it remotely according to the destination country. This enables you to streamline logistics and make manufacturing processes simpler and more cost effective.

Our m2m SIM card portfolio is qualified by the silicon suppliers, SIM suppliers and our SIM Certification Unit. It includes a specialised m2m SIM profile.

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Choice of SIM types to suit your IoT application needs


Increased reliability due to resistance to harsh environment and longer lifespan for long product lifecycles.


SIM re-programming technology which remotely localises SIMs by securely managing subscription credentials over the air. expand icon


SIM personalisation and worldwide logistic services adapted to your supply chain