Smart Business Control is a modular solution to collect data and analyse it, which empowers customers to understand relevant real-time information and take actions.

The platform collects and analyses the data provided by sensors deployed in the field, allowing users to manage real-time or historical business data in order to optimise their processes or develop new business opportunities


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01. Device Gateway 

Connects assets and receives data, integrating all IoT device protocols, understanding and interpreting relevant information. Its mission is to isolate the data processing and application service layers from the device and network complexity, in terms of access, security and network protocols.

02. Data processing and storage 

Provides intelligence over the previously normalised data. Actions in this layer include receiving and sending the data in a normalised format, storing, and processing according to a set of rules preconfigured by customers.

03. Application Services 

Present business-relevant information to the customer. It is formed by visual software building blocks to ease visualisation of this information and a set of powerful and secure APIs, with complete exposure of all the functionalities: accessing IoT data, management of devices, rules engine creation and data visualisation.

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Technical benefits

Device Isolationexpand icon


Device Integrationexpand icon


Data Managementexpand icon


CRM/ERP Integrationexpand icon


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Application Servicesexpand icon


Benefits for business

Access to the relevant business information about operations.


Access to real-time information that reduces response time and speeds up decision-making.


Revenue protection through fraud and loss prevention.


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01. Open platform based on standards (FIWARE compliant)