We provide a comprehensive suite of services that support our customers to manage IoT devices throughout the whole device lifecycle

Our device management service can be used to configure, monitor and update your device firmware over the air.The device onboarding service is available to test and verify your device performance on our networks before deployment. We can also offer a portfolio of devices that are supplied and supported by us for you to use in your business, “off the shelf”.

Our Solutions



Our Global IoT Device Support Service is available to enable you to get the best performance from your IoT solution. We support you to test your IoT device on our networks in advance of deployment to detect any potential problems and reduce the risk of failure in the field.

Our experience in managing networks and IoT deployments enables us to deliver the best quality of service for your device on our networks. Our partnerships with key module vendors along with rigorous device testing processes can deliver the best support for your devices.

features iconfeatures

01. Technology certified by Telefonica, with a list of modules certified from key vendors.


02. Verification, support to validate IoT device performance.


03. Requirements and guideline documents, to support the development of devices that provide the best end-to-end reliability.


benefits iconbenefits

Achieve the best performance for your IoT solution


Speed up service deployment


Reduce the risk of failure in the field and extend the lifetime of all the components in your IoT solution



The Device Management Service provides full control of your device base throughout the whole device lifecycle. It supports device installation, maintenance and diagnostics activities over the air.

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01. Automatic configuration of device settings on startup of the device.


02. Management of software and firmware components including large scale upgrade campaigns.


03. Maintenance of accurate inventory information on device type, serial number, software and firmware versions.


04. Real-time status of device performance including error conditions, radio network quality and battery level.


05. Monitoring of alarms, such as tampering alerts, temperature out of range and peripheral status.


06. Remote operations to fix device errors.


07. Fraud prevention and security mechanisms to protect devices against tampering or attack.


The Device Management Service delivers a secure and reliable mechanism to manage all of your devices. As a best in class solution developed for large scale and critical IoT deployments, it is being used to provide device monitoring and management in the United Kingdom for twenty million communication hubs in the deployment of Smart Metering.

benefits iconbenefits

Over the air provisioning of devices to speed up deployment


Access to remote devices to monitor, configure and control their performance


Management of multi-vendor device deployments through a single interface


Support for a range of standard device management protocols to simplify device integration


Reduce fraud by monitoring your device base


Improved service levels through ongoing monitoring and alerts


Tools to run diagnostics and fix problems remotely


Consistent view from one platform provides both connection and device status



Our Smart Connected Devices portfolio provides a reliable suite of IoT Hardware choices supplied by us to Plug & Play in our network.

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01. Hardware tested in our network.


02. Ready to use: Global IoT Connectivity and configuration enabled.


03. Remote control tools available.


04. Shipped to your premises.


benefits iconbenefits

Reduce your time-to-market


Simplify deployment


Reduce operational cost