IoT & the Data Analytics Challenge

Brochures / Whitepapers12 Dec 2016

IoT General

Are European organisations ready to take advantage of the data potential in IoT? 

Key findings: 
  • Only one third of European organisations are currently analysing data generated from their ioT initiatives. This is a missed opportunity, with the real business value of IoT initiatives depending on converting raw data into insight.
  • 10% of organisations claim to be at an advanced stage in their approach to ioT. Consistent group-wide strategy underpinned by standard architectures and best practice.
  • 77% see cost savings as the key goal for their IoT initiatives. Results show that it remains easier to build a business case for. IoT investment based on increased efficiency, rather than potential top line benefits.
  • 88% see ensuring data security as an important challenge for their IoT analytics strategy. Security tops the list of major obstacles, ahead of building the right technology stack and developing a business case.
  • 95% see cloud-based platforms and tools as important in enabling their ioT analytics strategies. This is an overwhelmingly positive response, and interest in is driven by a need for scale to support