Open Future

open future

Telefónica Open Future

It emerged in 2014 as a result of Telefónica's historic support of innovation, development, training, investment and entrepreneurship in new technologies and the digital society.

Benefits of becoming a part of Telefónica Open Future

It supports entrepreneurial talent worldwide and helps turning innovative ideas into successful businesses. It promotes and invests in people, ideas and viable technology-based projects, in any phase of growth, openly and in connection with public and private organisations.

What can Telefónica Open Future offer you?

Open Future specialises in each phase of the lifecycle of a project and contributes towards the optimal development of talents and projects, without creating or imposing limitations, in order to enable scalability of success.

Present around the world

  • bullect+850 startups accelerated
  • bullect+600 companies invested in
  • bullect+85 public and private partners
  • bullect17 countries
  • bullect€350M in investment commitment

How does it work?

It invests in innovative companies with a technological base and considerable growth potential. It brings together a set of initiatives that adapts itself to you, according to the degree of maturity your project has reached. No matter what stage your project is at, you will find the help you need to promote your idea, accelerate your startup and attract investment for your venue.

  • bullectBoost:The Think Big and Talentum Startups initiatives were created to provide these new entrepreneurs with support in early stages.
  • bullectAccelerate:The Crowdworking spaces and Wayra help startups under development and entrepreneurs go one step further with initiatives that help them with acceleration and scalability, and have what is needed to aid entrepreneurs making progress with their business
  • bullectInvest:Amérigo and Telefónica Ventures are the investment funds that finance and invest in consolidated projects and startups.

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