Working to extend collaboration with other operators around the world

We are partnering with other Tier-1 telecom operators including the IoT World Alliance and other operators like China Unicom in order to provide IoT customers with the best, seamless services worldwide and lower costs:

  • bullet The IoT World Alliance, comprising Tier-1 leading telecom operators: Etisalat, KPN, NTT DOCOMO, INC., Rogers, SingTel, Telefonica, Telstra and Vimpelcom. The IoT World Alliance aims to eliminate complexity for multinational companies associated with worldwide deployments of connected devices.
  • bullet Alliances with operators like China Unicom, Sunrise and Avea, also expand the coverage to other geographies.

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The IoT World Alliance

The IoT World Alliance, which is comprised of: Etisalat, KPN, NTT DOCOMO, INC., Rogers, SingTel, Telefonica, Telstra and Vimpelcom, aims to simplify and promote the adoption of IoT communications worldwide.

More specifically, the alliance covers technological cooperation to enable a global, unique and seamless solution for the provision of communications to multinational customers requiring IoT devices connectivity. The solution is fully compliant with regulation and offers local prices.

The IoT World Alliance is well structured in self-contained working groups covering a number of aspects such as: product design, business development, marketing, evolution, strategy definition, etc.

One of our most outstanding achievements with the IoT World Alliance was the agreement with Tesla, the world's leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, to provide IoT connectivity for the Tesla Model S in Europe together with KPN.

The Alliance has developed a SIM update architecture which converts deployed (roaming) SIMs into local ones within the members networks that are still managed through the same web interface along with a strong coordination in operations, logistics and processes.

features iconfeatures

The proposed solution presents the following key advantages:

01. Connectivity across the largest global geography


02. Regulatory compliance


03. Managed connectivity costs

  • bullet Using local SIM profiles avoids high roaming costs
  • bullet Keep high volume data services affordable for customers
  • bullet Controllable and predictable costs

04. Simple logistics for SIM procurement

  • bullet Procure SIMs from any Alliance Member, install in a device and it's ready to work

05. Global and regional customer support


06. Unified billing and invoicing capability adaptable to customer requirements.


benefits iconbenefits

  • The agreements enable a global solution based proposition. This is particularly important for IoT opportunities that require multiple services over large geographical areas (e. g. MNCs).
  • The IoT World Alliance is creating an IoT ecosystem of global, seamless multi-operator products and services.
  • These services are built with common processes, features, specifications and logistics based in the Jasper Control Center and the G&D Subscription Manager; thus providing the customer with end-to-end, best in class worldwide IoT solutions with simplified deployment and management.

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