Internet Of Things

IoT General 14 Sep 2016

  •  The report highlights Telefonica’s strong capabilities and reach in Europe and Latin America and its continued positive momentum in the IoT businesses.
  •  According to Machina Research,
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IoT Connectivity Hub 10 Nov 2015

Telefónica has just formed in Brazil its first international partnership between operators with the aim of providing Internet of Things solutions to multinational clients. Read more

IoT General 06 Nov 2014

Telefónica, a leading provider of integrated communication solutions, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the LEADERS quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Managed Machine-to-Machine Services published October 21, 2014.Read more

IoT General 22 Oct 2014

Thinking Things is a simple plug-and-play solution based on stackable Lego®-type modules with 2G connectivity that enable users to develop their own smart solutions without any programming knowledge or having to install additional infrastructure.Read more

Smart Cities 27 May 2014

Valencia City Council has announced that it has awarded the Valencia Smart City tender to Telefónica. Valencia will be the first Spanish city to centralise all of its municipal information through a smart city technological solution. Solution is based on the European FI-WARE standard. The base of the software will consist of 350 sensors that will manage the municipal services of the city. Traffic, street lighting, gardens, local police, pollution, cleaning and waste collection and weather services will be constantly monitored and connected to a network. Read more