IoT Connectivity Hub 26 Oct 2016

  •  Telefonica has continued to improve its position in this magic quadrant year on year

Madrid, 26th of October 2016 – Telefonica, who stands as a renowned IoT solutions global provider to all sectors of industries, is...Read more

IoT General, IoT Connectivity Hub, Smart Mobility, Energy, Smart Retail 25 Oct 2016

  • The business initiatives are grouped into Smart Mobility, Smart Retail, Smart Energy and Smart Connectivity.
  • The Personal IoT applications are presented by means of wearables, together with a
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IoT General 06 Oct 2016

  • New alliances with prominent technology partners of the sector, such as Fortinet, F5 Networks, Spamina, Logtrust, Apple and Gradiant, and investments in CounterCraft, 4iQ and IMBox, among many others, remain a strategic focus for the company
  • Hugh Thompson,
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IoT General 14 Sep 2016

  •  The report highlights Telefonica’s strong capabilities and reach in Europe and Latin America and its continued positive momentum in the IoT businesses.
  •  According to Machina Research,
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01 Aug 2016

  • Los cinco deportistas llegaron el sábado 16 de julio a la costa sur de Menorca tras unir las islas a nado y corriendo y un cambio de itinerario forzado por el temporal en la travesía de Ibiza a Menorca.
  • Gracias a esta iniciativa se han recaudado casi 100.000 euros destinados a la
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