Smart Cities 30 Mar 2016

Publicação é resultado do estudo sobre transformação digital de cidades e apresenta possíveis visões de futuro para nossa realidade Read more

IoT General 15 Feb 2016

Presents at MWC the first technology for detecting and analysing threatsRead more

IoT General 29 Jan 2016

The increasing prevalence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in modern society presents significant opportunities for individuals, companies and states to have more control over their technology, and greater access to information, than ever before. Yet, the approach to safeguarding against the threat of cybersecurity is lagging behind the rate of development, according to a new report released today by Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.Read more

Industry 21 Jan 2016

Cattle-Watch incorporates into their products Telefonica’s Smart m2m Platform, a global platform to manage and control IoT communications
Regular location updates, status reports on cattle or herd nutritional status, reproductive events, disease, pasture quality and location with geofencing are some of the advantages for the cattle industry Read more

IoT Connectivity Hub 28 Dec 2015

Telefonica launches 4G-LTE IoT connectivity global service, served with its global SIM and Smart m2m solution
This technology will address new demands of Internet of things customers in both high data usage and low energy/data segments Read more