Connected Car 12 Oct 2015

Sixt Leasing AG and Sixt Mobility Consulting AG now offer Telefónica and Geotab's solution. The fully automatic Sixt driver’s log is based on an innovative plug-and-play device and a global SIM for communications.Read more

IoT General 24 Sep 2015

The reports highlights Telefonica’s strong capabilities and reach in Latin America and its positive momentum in the m2m business. According to Machina Research, these top providers are for multinational corporations requiring seamless, large-scale and effective global m2m services and solutions. Read more

IoT General 11 Sep 2015

According to the report “Leaders believe in the promise of the IoT and they invest in that future, that includes a continuum of value from edge devices to IoT platforms and related analytics. Leaders perform skillfully and often exceed expectations. Leaders have a clear vision of the market's direction and develop competencies to maintain their leadership. They shape the market, rather than follow it.”Read more

IoT General 21 Jul 2015

Team composed by ten engineering students from Spain will work in IOT and Wearable technology solutions. Lab will be hosted by MediaTek Labs in UK and will be supported by MediaTek platforms and technologies. The program will provide guidance and support to the next generation of IoT innovators.Read more

Industry 15 Jul 2015

Paris, 15 of July 2015, Delair-Tech, French leader in the civil drone sector in B2B, and Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, have signed a unique partnership to connect DT18 and DT26X drones...Read more