Smart Energy

Smart Energy offers a set of flexible and innovative solutions that enable our customers to monitor their energy consumption and apply specific savings measures for each business sector, not only achieving optimal energy management, but also significant savings on their bills. IoT solutions help increase efficiency and generate positive economic and environmental impacts that make our lives more comfortable.



Telefónica provides Energy Efficiency Solutions driven by three key factors: 

Energy consumtion

Increasing energy consumption and rising prices make it necessary for companies look for solutions that allow them to reduce their energy consumption

Energy consumtion

The impact on the environment forces governments to implement regulatory mechanisms and incentives to adopt Energy Efficient measures

Energy consumtion

Customers and investors are demanding sustainable companies

Conscious that investment and business strategies are increasingly dependent on energy and the efficient use of it, in the last four years, Telefónica has launched 157 energy efficiency projects, making savings of about 329 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of 33,000 households in one year, and saving €41 million in annual expenditure on electricity. In this way, the company has also prevented the emission of 101 kt CO2 eq.

In Spain, during the same period, the company saved 9 GWh and €3.8 million in annual expenditure on electricity and prevented the emission of 14,400 tons of CO2 eq. In addition, it also maintains the commitment to reduce these emissions by 33,000 tonnes, equivalent to 7% of emissions in the base year.

Currently, renewable energy already accounts for 15% of the consumption of energy and managers of the group are working on a plan to reduce the energy OPEX by €50 million between 2014 and 2017.

Smart energy solutions

The IOT solution, Smart Energy Monitoring allows the generation of savings through the remote measurement of energy consumption of our customers’ headquarters with three main objectives: a better understanding of consumption patterns, generation of programmable alarms to detect abnormal consumption and finally, using LUCA Energy Big Data techniques in the prediction of consumption.

The IOT solution, Smart Energy Telecontrol also allows users to increase their savings in energy consumption thanks to a centralised remote control of the systems installed on the premises of our customers’ systems such as: lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation, automated office equipment, etc.

These IoT solutions are ideal for industrial customers, the utilities sector or the tertiary sector which has a network of geographically dispersed sites, with a consumption of light and HVAC which represents a large proportion of their total consumption or when they need to reduce the cost of their electrical installations. The system can monitor them from a central point and even manage them, changing the policy of a subgroup of these installations or all of them very easily from the user management interface that we provide our customers.


End to End Solution

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Monitoring devices and remote control, installation and maintenance, a comprehensive platform for energy management and an analytics module. Along with consulting and energy audit capabilities.


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Sensors (temperature, humidity, motion detectors, CO2, etc.) to measure the conditions in the building and the ability to remotely manage systems (e.g. turning the lights on and off, changing the temperature settings, etc.).

Energy management and analytics platform

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Cloud platform for energy management and analytics module enriched with algorithms provided by LUCA Energy for real-time monitoring, reporting and remote manual actions or by scheduling rules (e.g. settings to change the temperature at closing time), as well as tools for optimising operating costs through the management of the infrastructures’ energy.


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Analysis of our customers’ headquarters to identify potential energy savings and through measures which can be achieved remotely. We have a Certification of partners programme (SEC) which ensures the quality and consistency of the consulting work which is implemented. Any partner interested in participating in our SEC programme may request this through our Contact section.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy costs in infrastructures and their maintenance. As an example, a client in the banking sector with 400 offices can reduce electricity consumption by 25% with our IoT Smart Energy solution.

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Detection of abnormal patterns and prediction of consumption

The system collects all information of monitored and/or controlled events to have full traceability and be able to perform analysis on them. With the Big Data techniques from LUCA Energy customers can identify abnormal consumption patterns as well as predict it. In addition, our solution allows any company to gain the ISO 50001 quality seal easily and simply.

Energy Efficiency

Optimising the relationship between cost and comfort

Management of the comfort / energy consumption according to economic and commercial criteria.

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Remote centralised management

Remote centralised monitoring and control in real time, facilitating maintenance and visits.

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Guarantees decreased operating costs for continued savings over time.