A modular, flexible and ready-to-use solution for intelligent management and control of the vehicle fleet.

With our strength in global connectivity and expertise in geolocation and fleet management of our best-in-class partners, our solution consists of modules, suitable for all kinds of companies and businesses for whom vehicle management is key. Designed for efficient fleet management, our solution allows you to optimise your performance, reduce costs and improve productivity, ensuring the safety of employees, vehicles and assets.

Currently our solution is available in multiple countries via best-in-class partners from each region, taking into account the local requirements.

Managing more than 180,000 vehicles which belong to all business segments, including logistics, transport, retail, services, security, construction, public sector, etc., or independently if the vehicle is a LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) or MHV (Medium High Vehicles).

With our Fleet Management solution we are offering:

  • bullet A proposal to reduce operative fleet costs by 15-20% (estimated on real case studies) with a product ROI of 2.5:1
  • bullet A subscription model, without an upfront fee, to permit return of the investment from the first month of service (only available in Europe)
  • bullet Global connectivity to use the fleet abroad (i.e. Eur27)
  • bullet A service supported by a strong company with extensive experience in fleets and connectivity.

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    Allows you to always be aware of the geographical position of your vehicles, ensuring compliance with established routes and schedules.

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    To reduce work-related risks, comply with health regulations and prevent theft, ensuring at the same time the safety of employees, passenger vehicles and goods.

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    To optimise working times and reduce fuel costs by controlling routes and work processes.

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    To comply with environmental regulations and reduce CO2 emissions by managing employee driving style (Europe).

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Telefonica Fleet Management We hand you the total control of your vehicles

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