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Through Telefonica On The Spot Services we have specialized in products and services that help digitalize physical spaces, with the objective of offering our clients new ways of communicating and interacting with their customers.

We offer our clients a 360° solution that responds to their specific needs, supported by our know-how and with:

  • bulletExperts in digital transformation of spaces
  • bulletE2E innovative solutions
  • bulletGlobal footprint

Our SolutionsSOLUTIONS

01. Fashion Retail

When we speak about fashion, we speak about trends, glamour, sophistication and energy. This solution can help create an ingredientsresistible and attractive atmosphere in your shop with memorable and unique experiences for your customers.

02. General Retail

No matter what your positioning is or the image you want to convey, we can make the experience in your establishment unique, memorable and dynamic. Discover how to create an attractive, appealing atmosphere that favours consumption and maximises your customer satisfaction.

03. Telco Retail

Make your phone shop a world of experiences and innovation. This solution can help you create a technological and appealing atmosphere that favours consumption and maximises your customer satisfaction.

04. Hypermarkets

Creating attractive shopping experiences is the key to securing customer loyalty. We can show you the ingredients for a fun, pleasant atmosphere in your establishment, creating a climate encouraging consumption and maximising your customer satisfaction.

05. Hotels

Making a stay in your hotel a memorable experience is a key factor in customers returning. Our solution is thought out to turn your hotel into a cosy, unique place that always satisfies visitors.

06. Healthcare

The well-being of your patients and their companions should be your clinic's biggest goal. Our solution is thought out to create an atmosphere of well-being and comfort, maximising the satisfaction of your customers.

Choosing a bank is not an entirely rational decision. Discover the ingredients for creating a pleasant and trustworthy atmosphere in your branch with a climate that fosters communication and maximising customer satisfaction.

08. Restaurants

Making sure the customers' experience at your restaurant is excellent and unique is the key to their loyalty. Discover the ingredients for creating a climate conducive to attracting customers and increasing their satisfaction.

Corporate Spaces

01. Stadiums

Give your audience a striking experience, a solution designed and fully developed for sports venues. Audio and display systems, space management, content, video scoreboards, etc. All ready when you need it. We want to be your Technological Partner.

We know how important audiovisual communication is for your business. That is why we offer you the best in audiovisual and content technology. We are your technological partner and we can turn your needs into real solutions with efficient spaces.

03. Cultural Centres

A space that requires the highest quality audiovisual experience for visitors is a challenge and we know it. We provide the solutions and experience you need, developed in harmony with the environment in which your installations are used. We always think one step ahead to make your projects a point of reference for your sector.

04. Classrooms

It is possible to transmit knowledge and make it enjoyable in a friendly, participative environment. Technology plays in your favour, offering educational tools and solutions with collaborative and globalised capacities that can be fully adapted to your business.


With products like:

01. Onmusic:

We understand that music at a point of sale is a valuable resource that can help you achieve your goals; this is why we are offering a new way to activate your establishment and create experiences that excite the cliente through music.


02. Onvisual:

Digital Signage can help you strengthen brand recall and your promotions with users, as well as to connect with the public through the great appeal of digital and interactive content. Discover the possibilities that devices such as screens, totems or touch panels can offer, all at your fingertips.


03. Onaction:

Bring the public closer to your brand so they can experience it through the latest digital devices. Take advantage of the public's interest in these new media platforms, and put your brand at their fingertips using the most attractive tools.


04. Oncontrol:

Increase your knowledge of your target, add value to your business and optimise your establishment's management and the effectiveness of your promotional activities by analysing verified statistical data.


05. Contents:

Promote your brand image, products and services by making a unique impact on your customers through ad-hoc designed content on a corporate, promotional or advertising audiovisual channel.


partnership network iconcapabilities

Experts on the digital transformation of spaces

We use our knowledge on digital solutions to boost and facilitate the relationship between brands and customers. We advise our clients on how technology and digital products can improve the customer experience at the point of sale. We are experts and we have the ambition of leading the retail physical stores transformation and we have a straightforward strategy to do so

Specialists in innovative E2E solutions

We provide end to end services adapted to client business requirements and needs. Our strength lies in the combination of engineering capabilities in hardware and software integration with strong creative teams to perfectly fit the physical & digital world.

Global footprint

We are where our clients need us. We currently manage & monitor around 40.000 points of services in more than 80 countries. We digitalize physical spaces around the globe, from New York to Australia.

  • bullet More than 40 years of experience
  • bullet We provide services in more than 80 countries
  • bullet We have offices in 6 countries: Spain (HQ), Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina

features iconfeatures

  • bullet Software. We offer proprietary integral software (the main solution).
  • bullet Hardware. We advise our clients on the adequate technologies and formats thanks to agreements we have with the main vendors.
  • bullet Operations. We operate and control each one of the service points in real time with one of the best digital signage tools in the world.
  • bullet Digital Content. We adapt and create appropriate content for each technology, visual format, place in store or device.

benefits iconbenefits


  • bullet Means activating points of sale and unique shopping experiences.
  • bullet Means using metrics and tools that promote contact points with your customers.
  • bullet Integrating Audiovisual Solutions to enhance your corporate spaces.
  • bullet Is an advertising channel to impact your customers wherever they are