Joining forces to provide best in class IoT solutions

The IoT ecosystem has proven to be a non-stop, fast growing environment with many benefits for businesses. By incorporating IoT solutions into their operations, companies are able to offer more, and better, services, improve their operating model and strengthen their customers’ loyalty. In order to take the most of this new technology and ensure a successful digital transformation, we collaborate with top IoT players to provide our customers with an extensive portfolio of industry solutions.

Our partner ecosystem consists of a global network of IoT providers with functional or industrial expertise.

01. IoT Device Providers

Hardware-centric players focused on providing intelligent communication platforms for data applications.

02. IoT System Integrators

Software-centric players focused on application development and related services, from tailored implementations of standardized IoT applications to project based solutions.

03. IoT Industrial Experts

From Plug & Play solution providers to specialized consultancy firms with extensive expertise on a specific market.

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Join our team and benefit from our assets:

Significant growth driven by the internationalisation expand icon


Strong commercial positioning expand icon


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Successful project credentials developing applications and enabling services which drive the digital change, i.e. expand icon


Important support of the major organisations of industry


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Collaborating with us has never been so simple:

Meet the IoT team and discover our products and service.

02. Find your space

Discuss the best fit between our offering and your capabilities.

03. Let’s start doing business

Agree with our product managers on the most favourable conditions to sell and operate the product or service.