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Telefónica IoTReliable, renowned and global solutions for your business

Our IoT Team is backed by a multinational and multidisciplinary team, dedicated exclusively to defining, implementing and supporting global clients and deploying these services to all the countries in which we operate


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    Integrated Communications

    We are a leading global telco: Integrated communications are our speciality.

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    Global Product

    We offer a global and value-added IoT product capable of serving all of your business needs, both locally and internationally.

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    We are a one-stop shop and can take care of every aspect of your business, thanks to our capabilities and our market leading partners.

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    Fast Time to Market

    We provide a fast time-to-market so you do not miss any business opportunity.

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    Fully Focused

    We are fully focused on IoTand have dedicated technical and human resources throughout the organization, at both a local and global level, providing you with personalized attention.

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    IoT Experience

    You can trust our IoT experience: our clients and the Industry Analysts recognise our capabilities.


  • Matt Hatton, Machina Research
    "The last twelve months has seen a lot of positive moves from Telefonica. I’d particularly highlight the ongoing work around globalisation and strategic alliances with other operators, include the m2m World Alliance that is starting to bear fruit with the Tesla deal."
    Matt Hatton, Machina Research. June 2014
  • Kathryn Weldon, Current Analysis
    "Telefónica’s m2m solutions are very strong in the global m2m market. It is a successful and innovative provider of m2m solutions, with high-profile reference customers including Securitas, ABB, Iberdrola, Endesa, Tyco, ADT, Sermepa, OnStar, and the UK government (for its extensive meter reading project)"
    Kathryn Weldon, Current Analysis. Telefonica - Global m2m Services and Strategy, May 2014
  • Pauline Trotter, Ovum
    "Telefonica has already built a fairly impressive list of IoT customers, some of which are global multinationals, and delivering on its global telco relationships will be essential to its long-term success. It is clearly focused on developing these, as well as its m2n technology ecosystem, to support its corporate customers"
    Pauline Trotter, Ovum. Operator Strategies in m2m: Telefonica, April 2014


Our team consists of more than 200 professionals skilled in different areas: sales support, who are responsible for redefining the strategy for each sector; a marketing team who define the product’s future evolution and joint deployment across all geographies; a technical group dedicated to the management, development and evolution of platforms; and finally, the "Innovation Unit" which is focused on constantly anticipating the market’s needs and developing new functionalities, client applications and new devices.

Vicente Muñoz

Vicente Muñoz

Chief IoT Officer

Carlos Marina

Carlos Marina

Telefónica On The Spot Services CEO

Andres Escribano

Andrés Escribano

IoT Connectivity Business Director

Rosalia Simon

Rosalía Simón

IoT Products Director

José Manuel Caramés

José Manuel Caramés

IoT Go-to-Market Director

Alfredo Serret

Alfredo Serret

Global Director IoT Business Development

Carlos Carazo

Carlos Carazo

IoT Technology & Platforms Director

Andrés Padilla

Andrés Padilla

New IOT Solutions Director

Borja Gomez

Borja Gomez Zarceño

IoT chief of staff and strategic projects