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WHAT: The Things Xperience

With our new open lab facilities, the Thinx provides a realistic end-to-end environment of the new IoT technologies, enabling all our customers to test their new applications and devices under real network conditions and in an innovative and collaborative space.



In this collaborative space, we want to improve partnership relations, accelerate decision-making and the development of an e2e model beyond connectivity. The main objective is to create a tailor-made and an inclusive ecosystem where all players are collaborating, testing and co-creating. From Network vendors to device and chipset vendors. From MNCs to start-ups.

IoT Ecosystem Creation by bus acceleration under our IoT Partner Programme and The Thinx.

“Joining forces with every actor in the IoT value chain”

A Tailor-Made Ecosystem for Your Testing Purposes

  • Realistic end-to-end environment with the most important network equipment vendors on site.
  • Variety of dedicated test scenarios possible.
  • Professional Certification Services against standardised network features. The Global Certification Forum (GCF) Field Trials Agreement Group (FTAG) has accepted that Telefonica’s Thinx will be considered as a valid Field Trial Qualified Network (FTQN).
  • Connectivity to external servers and possibility to host customer servers and applications.


Operative models: these are the three models in which we are working in our Labs:

  • BASIC: testing devices over Mobile IoT radio and connectivity test
    • bullet Deep test in special projects (Environment simulation, etc.)
    • bullet e2e value proposition including our managed connectivity platform (Smartm2m), IoT Platforms
  • THINGNOVATORS: we work with strategic consultants to support the digital transformation (Industry 4.0) using a specific IoT methodology:
    • bullet Thingnovators methodology implementation
    • bullet Simulate different Business Models
    • bullet Review and prepare internal business cases

Commercial models: we can offer you three different levels or commercial models based on your requirements and needs.

Daily pass

The flexible place to grow your IoT project with new connectivities.

Work on your new project with one of our networks. You the radio and your dev board, close to the coffee break and lounge areas.

Weekly pass

If you need to test your device with multiple networks and dedicate time to have some improvements in your application this is the right choice, as you will have time to test not just with one network also with multiple radio access and packet cores.

Monthly pass

If you need to test multiple devices with multiple network and frequencies and you want to organize an exhaustive test program and certification, this is the best option.

In addition to these commercial models, we have optional services that will complement the Things Xperience:

  • Engineering support services:
    • bullet High quality engineering support in Mobile IoT communications
    • bullet Debugging, Code revision and firmware adaptation
    • bullet Training in NB-IOT and LTE-CATM1
  • Openlab certification program:
    • bullet Interoperability with Network Equipment
    • bullet Debugging, Logging
    • bullet GSMA Security Self-Assessment Support
    • bullet Laboratory system simulation (conformance to 3GPP standards)
    • bullet Exhaustive testing of the IoT application

NEXT STEPS: Plan your trip!

  • One day to check device or module connectivity, if the module is stable and well tested before.
  • At least one day more for eDRX/PSM tests.
  • At least another day for coverage tests.
  • And more days if you want to leave the lab with a finely-tuned software.
  • Plan for any tools you may need to work with your module/board/device.
  • Specially, you should be able to reprogram your device in “transparent mode” so that you can execute AT commands interactively with your communications module.
  • Make sure you will have support from any providers you need.


  • Street Zurbarán 12. Madrid (SPAIN)
  • Avenue Providencia 227, 1st floor. Providencia – Santiago (SANTIAGO DE CHILE)
  • Pl. Pau Vila, 1, Sector C, 2nd floor. Palau de Mar Building, 08039 Barcelona (SPAIN) The Thinx 5G Barcelona
  • Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma, nº 1200. Colonia Cruz Manca. Delegación Cuajimalpa de Morelos. C.P. 05349 – MÉXICO D.F.

Who can access the Labs:

All companies interested on researching, innovating and developing new connected products and services employing the IoT specific networks.

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