The first platform that offers all elements you need to create new Internet of Things solutions

Thinking Things is a modular end-to-end and Plug & Play solution for building intelligent and connected products in the IoT area. We have different kits with several features:

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    Ambient kit

    Location Tracking and Condition Monitoring. It includes a Communication and a GPS module

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    Presence kit

    Easy Room Monitoring. It offers a Plug & Play and cost effective solution to the customer at home or in any other place.

    Thinking Things provide users with an affordable and easy-to-install solution for room or object monitoring. The built-in SIM provides independence from any communication infrastructure which also makes it ideal for remote locations.

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    Gardening kit

    Smart Device Control. It includes a Communication module and ambient sensors: Temperature + Humidity + Light

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01. Modular Hardware

Combine Plug & Play modules with different capabilities – sensors, actuators, connectivity, power – to create custom connected devices.

02. Global Mobile Connectivity

Thinking Things connect practically everywhere in the world, right out of the box, through mobile connectivity with our built-in m2m SIMs.

03. Easy-to-use Interface

Monitor and control Thinking Things remotely, and create automatic behaviors via our easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces. Use automatic triggers to send alerts via SMS, email, Twitter, etc.

04. Public API

The API allows customers to easily integrate Thinking Things intelligence into their existing platforms and enables developers to build custom solutions.

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